Facial Reflexology Course

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Facial Reflexology Course

Facial Reflexology Course ReflexologyUK.org


Today is study day. I spent the day with Teresa Heath ReflexologyUK.Org learning about Facial Reflexology. Teresa always makes the the course fun and upbeat, even though the study load is quite intensive.

There was twelve ladies that attended. All with different backgrounds in therapies. so were experienced practitioner therapists, some were still quite new to the holistic therapy journey. it was lovely to get together and share ideas and information, and to all be sitting there with no make up on!

The day consisted on us practicing movements on each other after Teresa had initially gone through the basics. There are so many wonderful benefits to facial reflexology, not just treating pacific problems, but it’s also great for toning the skin, increasing the blood supply and leaving your face feeling fully rejuvenated 🙂

If you would like to learn more abut the benefits of Facial Reflexology further reading can be found here 


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