Holistic Body Massage

Holistic Body Massage is based on a system of movements, which includes effleurage (smooth, rhythmic and relaxing), petrissage (stimulating and relaxing), vibration and friction (for deeper tissue work) and percussive strokes (stimulating and toning).

From the earliest days, touch has played a central role as an instrument of healing and a facilitator of concern and compassion. It is human nature to put an arm around somebody who is upset, or rub the limb of a child who has fallen.

Ancient civilisations including those of Persia, Japan, Egypt and China all have documented evidence of use of the oils and body massage for therapeutic benefit.

Holistic body massage stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage – encouraging elimination of toxins (to ease aching muscles) and improve functioning of all organs and systems, whilst relaxing the mind and refreshing the spirit.

Holistic body massage means that you are treated as a whole person – the comprehensive consultation highlights needs in terms of massage and the after-care element enables you to take some responsibility for your own health.


60 minutes

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Neck, back, shoulders are the most common areas of the body that are prone to stiffness and accumulate tension.

Desk jobs, long working hours and poor posture can cause discomfort and stiffness in your neck, shoulders and back. For many people the neck muscles can become tense and painful.This can lead to stiff necks, aching shoulders and headaches and even migraines. 

The neck, back and shoulder massage encourages relaxation, relieves stress, improves circulation and posture, relaxes muscles and improves flexibility.

This massage also relieves tension headaches, strengthens immune system and can help to decrease feelings of depression.

Various massage techniques are used to perform both a relaxing and effective treatment. The neck, back and shoulder massage will lead you to feel completely relaxed and the muscle tension greatly reduced.

If you suffer from chronic and/or severe pain however, please consult your GP as to the suitability of a Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage for your specific condition.

30 or 60 minutes

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When we think of parts of our body that carry tension, we often think of larger areas, like our backs, shoulders, and necks. While those core areas do a lot of work keeping us upright during the day, our faces hold equally as much tension, but often get neglected when it comes time to pamper.

Along with the face, the neck and shoulders can carry considerably tension. Almost all daily activities such as working on a computer, writing, driving, etc cause the muscles of the shoulders to get overly stressed. This problem can be compounded by an incorrect posture, or wrong sleeping positions.

Neck and Shoulder holistic massage provides deep relaxation to the stressed shoulder muscles, stimulates the flow of blood, and improves the functioning of the lymph system. Holistic neck and shoulder massage is a natural analgesic because it stimulates the release of endorphins. In addition, it is an excellent stress buster and can make you feel relaxed and recharged.

Starting the massage with back and shoulders and finishing with neck and face, you will feel completely relaxed and the muscle tension greatly reduced.

Benefits of a holistic face, neck and shoulder massage are,

  • That it helps to increase blood flow, thereby improving circulation. Better circulation means more blood pumping through the areas of your face, whisking away any impurities, and improving skin condition.
  • Improve muscle tone
  • Helps to relieve migraine, and headaches 
  • Helps with symptoms of premenstrual syndrome
  • Relieves sinus congestion


(approx time 30 mins) 

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Fibromyalgia is associated with widespread chronic pain, joint stiffness and muscle weakness, draining fatigue, memory problems and mood changes. It occurs more often in women than in men, and is not a disease, but rather a syndrome that can be managed.

Massage therapy is actually one of the most beneficial treatments for fibromyalgia pain and fatigue. Massage Therapy uses techniques that encourage circulation in the muscles, which increases the flow of nutrients and eliminates waste products. This is beneficial for those with fibromyalgia as it can reduce heart rate, relax muscles, improve range of motion in joints and increase production of the body’s natural painkillers.

Whilst working with a client with fibromyalgia, because of the pain and symptoms that makes your body extremely sensitive to touch, open lines of communication are vital when it comes to how much pressure your muscles can endure during your session.

After a therapeutic holistic massage for Fibromyalgia, you’re likely to feel more relaxed and get a better night’s rest. Deep sleep is beneficial to managing fibromyalgia as it is during this time that the restorative process occurs.


1 Hour

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Other therapies suitable for Fibromyalgia are:

Reflexology is another suitable massage technique to address both acute and chronic conditions. Reflex areas on the feet and hands correspond with all of the areas and organs of the body. Gentle enough to use for all ages and conditions, this approach encourages the body to naturally restore its own healthy balance.

Reiki energy healing is considered noninvasive, subtle, highly relaxing and effective. Energy techniques can promote tissue change without the application of pressure on tender areas.


The benefits of Holistic Body Massage are extensive! You will improve not only your physical, but also your emotional state of being.

holistic body massageBenefits include:

• Relaxes you and induces sleep
• Increases blood and lymphatic circulation
• Improves function and appearance of the skin
• Helps to break down fatty tissue and cellulite
• Relaxes tight muscles and improves their function and tone
• Maintains/increases mobility of bones, as well as increasing circulation and bone nourishment
• Improves posture
• Relieves stiff joints
• Improves digestion, aids the relief of constipation and flatulence
• Encourages deeper and more relaxed breathing
• Helps to reduce stress
• Provides a sense of well being

The effects of regular body massage are cumulative and can make a difference in your overall health and tension levels.

Most people feel very relaxed, even light-headed after their treatment. Some experience freedom from aches or pains. After a short period of feeling slowed down, people often experience heightened awareness, increased energy, and greater creativity.

Since waste toxins are released from tissues during a body massage, aid your lymph system by drinking water after your massage. Also, eating lightly will help you get grounded.

You could combine a Massage treatment with a Reflexology session, have a look at the pamper packages available