labour massage techniquesLabour massage is a wonderful practical tool and is particularly empowering for your chosen birth partner. It can be used to lessen anxiety and help with pain relief during contractions and can be of particular use during the early stages of labour, when pain relief may not be needed; to make you feel more comfortable

Learn an effective labour massage routine along with some acupressure & reflexology points, as well some some rezobo techniques in my dedicated treatment room, which ensure total privacy in an environment of unhurried relaxation.

The hour and half workshop is £70. I recommend you book the workshop at least one month in advance of the due date so you can practice your new skills. You want to feel confident when it comes to the due date!

Hand outs are provided and a 50ml blend of specially blended essential oils suitable for labour are included in the course.

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  • Stimulates the release of pain reliving hormones (endorphines)
  • Releases “feel good” and “love” hormones (oxytocin) which helps to progress labour and expel the placenta
  • Increase levels of oxytocin aids the bonding process between mum and baby
  • Helps to minimise the release of adrenaline which increase anxiety and stress levels to both mum and baby
  • Helps release prolactin which helps to stimulate milk production
  • Boosts circulation and helps oxygen and nutrients get to muscles working overtime.
  • Blocks pain messages being sent to the brain
  • Helps to reassure mum to be and can lessen the anxiety of the birth partner by giving them a positive role