Baby & Toddler Reflexology

Baby & Toddler ReflexologyBaby & Toddler Reflexology is a gentle form of natural healing that involves treatment by massage to the reflex areas that are found in the feet.

Touch through reflexology is a wonderful way to communicate and build a healthy and caring relationship with your child and incorporated into your daily routine will help to give you a relaxed and contented child.

Studies have shown that touch through reflexology has helped babies to gain weight, (especially beneficial for premature babies), and sleep better, it also shows that touch is a comfort, it reassures, heals and balances the body.

Light Touch Baby & Toddler Reflexology Courses show how to use bonding techniques between parents and child.


Who can attend these workshops?

Parents or guardians to use exclusively on their own baby or toddler. It is not a training course for parents/guardians to use on any baby or toddler.

The course teaches parents how to use “light touch” reflexology on their child’s feet and hands focusing on sleep, digestion and teething for their babies. When giving a treatment to toddlers, parents are taught how to do this using nursery rhymes to keep it fun.


Who can demonstrate Baby & Toddler Reflexology?

Only a reflexologist who has qualified as a Light Touch Baby & Toddler Reflexology practitioner and is fully insured. Parents ‘work’ with their own baby or toddler individually, or in groups with other parents


Help to ease Colic

  • Relieve Constipation/Trapped Wind
  • Boost your babies immune system
  • Calm Baby

Sleeping & Comforting

  • Calm and soothe your baby, perfect for bedtime routine
  • Promote deep and regular sleep for baby
  • Bonding between parents and baby
  • Reduce hyperactivity and promote calmness

Teething & Congestion Relief

  • Ease teething pain
  • Reduce mucus build up in Sinus, Ear, Eyes, Nose and throat area (great for colds)
  • Give emergency relief from Insect stings and bites
  • Calm Baby


Baby or Toddler Reflexology should not be given to the child immediately after vaccination. You should wait 48 hours.

Baby Reflexology Course – Group Session 1-8 adults

For babies 4 weeks to 10 months old

3 x 60 minute sessions, spread over three weeks, £65 per adult

Prices include the Baby reflex learning charts, course notes & continued support after completion of the course


Toddler Reflexology Course – group session 1-8 adults

For toddlers from 10 months to pre-school age

2 x 60 minute sessions, spread out over two weeks, £45 per adult

Prices include the Baby reflex learning charts, course notes & continued support after completion of the course


Courses are held either in the Zen Garden room, Marchwood Road, P09 5EE (small groups or one to one)

Varied locations, please ask for details, Portsmouth, Havant, Chichester & Fareham

If you decide to get a group of friends together yourself and host it in your house, the cost for the host is £35 for the baby reflexology course and £25 for the toddler reflexology course as a thank you for arranging the group

Appointments can be made for Individual/couple and their baby/toddler on a one to one basis, please ask for details.

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Light Touch Reflexology
for babies, toddlers and children
2/3 Day Course, Limited spaces, book now.

Light Touch Reflexology – Babies

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Dates: TBC

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We will also send out confirmation that you are now on this workshop

Please email for details

Terms & Conditions

Considering attending one of the courses available, but still not sure. Have a read of the feedback I have received from parents that have attended. These were the questions asked, followed by the response

Was the course too expensive, too cheap, was the information on my website informative?

“For the information received the price was just right, for the content of the course and the wealth of knowledge shared, the more classes I went to the more I thought it was worthwhile, It was easy to book and find the information on the website “

How did you find the classes, were they relaxed, informative, too long, too short?

“Relaxed and informative with just the right length of time, plenty of time to ask questions and enough time for reflexology and to chat”

Was the information and demonstration easy to understand, along with the handouts?

“Demonstrations were great, easy to understand, hand outs were informative, diagrams really helped, loved the colour coding”

How did you find your baby/toddler respond to any of the treatments?

“The response was good, baby responded well to the calming and immune booster moves, loved the butterfly kisses as I felt very close to my baby whilst doing them, responded well to the constipation treatment”

Would you recommend you friends and family to this course?

“Yes definitely, absolutely,  I already have added some to the group page”

“A very different type of baby course, very enjoyable and has usefulness throughout childhood. Hope to employ these techniques often. Also a great opportunity to learn something new as an adult, giving our poor baby brains a little work out! Many thanks Tania”

Miriam Alcaraz-Stapleton, Southsea

Baby & Toddler Reflexology Portsmouth
Baby Reflexology Course Southsea February 2015, Portsmouth Yoga Studio

Light Touch Reflexology Course Terms & Conditions

• Payment includes a deposit of £10 per person when booking and paying for the Light Touch Reflexology course.

• If the client cancels the course with at least 7 days notice, they will be entitled to a refund of monies paid, excluding any deposits. If less than 7 days notice is received, 50% of the total cost of the course will retained.

• If the Light Touch Reflexology Course is cancelled by Zenses Holistic Treatments then a full refund, including the deposits will be repaid.

• Zenses Holistic Therapies shall not be liable to the client for any loss, injury, damage, expense or delay suffered by the Client or Therapist. This exclusion shall extend (but not be limited) to the consequences of any act or omission (whether wilful, negligent, reckless, dishonest or otherwise) which takes place during the event on the part of the Therapist or the client. The client acknowledges that Zenses Holistic Therapies fees are set on the basis that it has no such liability.