Pregnancy is a time of great hormonal changes and this often stirs up emotions such as fear, apprehension and anxiety. Professional complementary care offers you several choices if you need physical and emotional support or relief from discomfort, and can be used to boost your energy and well-being.

Once you are pregnant, early and regular prenatal care is important. Studies indicate that receiving regular massage and/or reflexology during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression,relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and led to fewer complications during birth.

Evidence strongly suggests there are maternal and newborn health benefits when therapeutic massage and reflexology is incorporated into regular prenatal care. – A healthy baby starts with a healthy pregnancy.


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Massage & Reflexology may help to ~

  • Ease and support back pain
  • Soothe swollen legs and disperse fluid retention
  • Boost energy levels and relieve fatigue
  • Reduce morning sickness symptoms
  • Improve circulation and enhance blood flow to the womb
  • Calm and regulate a stressed digestive system 
  • Encourage a healthy and strong internal environment for you baby to grow in
  • Promote harmony and balance
  • Reduce the stress related hormones that can effect your pregnancy
  • Prepare your body for the journey of childbirth




Please note that as these complementary therapies complements the skilled work of the midwife, it is advisable that you inform your GP/midwife before booking a treatment.