Zen Mama Package


The fabulous Zen Mama package was originally designed to focus on the special needs of mum-to-be as her body goes through some dramatic but wonderful changes, but has fast become one the most popular treatments I offer for everyone.

A one-hour or 90 minute tailored treatment focusing on weight-bearing areas, upper back, lower back, feet and legs, consisting of  pregnancy massage and maternity reflexology for mums-to-be, or the treatment can be adapted for post natal treatments as well as an indulgent pampering treat just because you can.

Pregnancy Massage gently eases muscular aches, encourages lymphatic flow therefore reducing water retention and associated discomforts, promotes relaxation and helps de-stress whilst improving the quality of sleep.

Maternity Reflexology is often used to soothe the aches and pains in your back and joints that are taking a beating from your growing girth and is also hugely supportive at balancing hormones to aid the natural onset of labour and encourage more effective contractions, allowing for more comfortable, efficient labour.

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A yummy mummy

“I had the Zen Mama package. For the run up to my delivery date I always looked forward to the treatment and came away feeling relaxed and revitalised. I always then felt much better for the week after. As I got bigger lots of effort was made to ensure I was comfy and I couldn’t recommend more to pregnant ladies out there in need of some pre-baby relaxation. Great for sore backs and feet from carrying little bundles!”

Francesca Duke, Fareham

“I had pregnancy massage and reflexology treatments. The whole experience was amazing. I didn’t have the easiest of pregnancies and the treatment i received definitely helped. The whole ambience is uber relaxing. So much so I went for a postnatal treatment and sent my darling daughter (who wasn’t sleeping very well at this time) straight to sleep. If I had to sum it up, One word…AMAZING.I would definitely recommend to my friends. I cant put into words how incredible you are as a therapist, confident and overall person. You made me feel very relaxed and that i could talk to you and open up. Wish i could come more often”

Victoria Warrington, Havant

“The treatment room is beautiful, calming and relaxing. My treatments were heavenly. I had the Zen Mama. With a bad back and pregnant with an I.V.F. baby there was no way I was going to take any medication for my bad back, that could harm my baby. I then found Tania. With regular treatments my pregnancy went completely smooth and I found myself so relaxed afterwards. I recommend any pregnant lady to have this package. It was the one thing I looked forward too for me, and with Tania’s professional but friendly approach you cannot go wrong! As soon as I entered the therapy room I instantly felt relaxed. I need to rebook!!”

Kelly Rawlinson, Waterlooville

The treatment room is lovely, warm & cosy. Makes you feel comfortable & relaxed, it’s also light & airy, you don’t feel cramped in. Always smells lovely. Light, refreshing & always makes me feels right at home! The zen mama package is perfect when pregnant. I’ve just had my 3rd one & I’m 8 months pregnant. Relaxes my muscles in my back & any aches or pains. Getting comfortable lying down is difficult at the size I am but I always am & find myself sometimes falling asleep! The reflexology helps the aches in my feet & makes them feel better. I am hoping it will help speed up my labour!! I would definitely recommend this treatment.

Gemma Mallard, Havant

I came away from the treatment (Zen Mama), feeling very relaxed and stress free. This was due to the professional standard that you provided. You made me feel welcome and overall very relaxed. I thought you had a lovely calm way about you which made me feel at ease straight away and made me feel totally comfortable, I will definitely be returning.

Jo Standen

Had the zen mama package. Loved it thank you felt so relaxed when I left

Lucy Shah, Warsash

I found Tania on the Baby Hampshire website and booked in for a Zen Mama, I had been suffering with a kidney urine infection. I also wanted to help reduce pain in my lower back and coccyx area. Tania is very friendly and made me feel thoroughly relaxed during my treatments, and found them very soothing as well as they helped reduce the pain. I would highly recommend Tania.

Gemma Lindsay, Cosham

I had a Zen Mama massage on Friday. It was truly amazing. Thank you so much x

Kirstie Clout, Southsea

Just had my second mama package. Utter bliss! Thank you x

Stephanie Turner

I had a Zen Mama massage yesterday which was fabulous! Highly recommended and Tania is a lovely lady too! Xx

Donna Coleman

Was not sleeping at all at 38 weeks. Had massage and reflexology yesterday and slept like a baby last night. Loved the Zen Garden Room

Bridie Rees

I had the best most relaxing massage and reflexology session yesterday. At 39 weeks pregnant it was definitely needed!! There was a relaxing atmosphere and the lady was extremely friendly which made me feel at ease and added to the experience! I would definitely recommend this lady to anyone!! Fantastic

Lisa Michelle Mortlock

Had my 2nd Zen Mama Massage and reflexology today…. Was transported to heaven! Currently 38 weeks and feeling exhausted as also suffering with Pelvic girdle pain. Left feeling a new woman and on top of the world! If budget allowed I would have this every couple of days until little one appears (& beyond!)

Kate Rook

“So my baby boy arrived finally, labour was recorded at 4 hours and 40 minutes, had gas and air but made me sick so manages without pain relief. I just wanted to say thank you for keeping so relaxed through pregnancy. I’m in no doubt that it all helped me in a great frame of mind for the birth”

Ana Morano, Havant

I had the full body massage and reflexology for pain relief and relaxation. I found the treatment to be very relaxing and would highly recommend Tania

Ruth Reid, Fareham

Incredible! Having arrived feeling very anxious about my upcoming induction Tania instantly put me at ease. I was the most comfy in her relaxation room than I have been the whole pregnancy. The massage itself was absolute bliss, and really calmed me. Tania is also very helpful when it was time to turn over/sit up (as at 38 weeks pregnant this is not easy). Massage finished with some amazing reflexology. You can tell she is extremely knowledgeable about what she is doing and 100% has your wellbeing as top priority. I also used Tania for my first pregnancy and am looking forward to another Zen Mama massage next week before babes arrives. Thank you Tania X

Katie Monk, Clanfield

This was my second zen mama package. Tania is professional, welcoming puts you completely at ease straight away. The treatment room is relaxing and I love her garden. The massage and reflexology is blissfull. Highly recommend this treatment I leave feeling totally relaxed.

Sam Briggs

Thank you for fitting me in before your holiday, I feel fabulously refreshed and relaxed which I didn’t think was possible at 38 weeks! Highly recommend, and incredibly grateful to my parents for this wonderful birthday treat

Tate Thompson

The zen garden was exactly what I needed. Being pregnant was never a fun process for me but all being said, worth it in the end. Tania supported me throughout my pregnancy emotionally and physically with her knowledge and compassion, as well as her techniques in her massage and reflexology. Throughout the treatments I was able to allow myself the time to switch off and Tania knew exactly how to do that. I suffered terribly with spd and sciatica, and in the treatment room set up and Tania’s practice I was able to get comfortable enough to relax and enjoy the treatment leaving feeling refreshed, relaxed and open minded to the rest of the day. I found monthly treatments were beneficial and by the time my next appointment was due I was definitely ready for another session of zen mama. After a not particularly good experience in my first pregnancy I felt I needed to invest more in myself during pregnancy and it definitely paid off. I was able to manage my toddler much better at stressful times, I found I slept better after treatments and I felt all round better about how my pregnancy was going. Tania always managed to accommodate me at the last minute when I felt I needed to get in to see her quickly, and was equally understanding if I had to rearrange at the last minute due to my daughter. I am glad I chose the zen mama package as the mix of full body massage and the reflexology was just what I needed. I feel the price was extremely reasonable for the service and knowledge I received as a normal therapist would charge these rates and not be a pregnancy specialist. I would highly recommend any mum to be visits Tania whether it be a one off or a monthly booking, I can assure you after one treatment there is no way you wouldn’t return. I would be sure to visit Tania again in the future.

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