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Using a bespoke nourishing blend of combined modalities, which brings harmony & balance, re-awakens & re-connects women to their bodies






Tania is an awarding winning, advanced Intuitive Holistic Practitioner, and blog author. She is also a Sacred Feminine Alchemist, Moon Mother, Ancient Wisdom Womb Priestess, Womb Whisperer & Keeper, Womb Fairy Godmother, Intuitive Energy Healer, Spiritual Life Coach & Guide offering guidance of womb wisdom, both ancient and new, a facilitator and gifted holder of sacred space, red tents, sacred feminine circles and retreats that encourage female empowerment, self care and nourishment.

My name is Tania Meacher, VTCT, S.A.C. Dip. An award winning, advanced Intuitive Holistic Practitioner, and Sacred Feminine Alchemist specialising in Fertility, Pregnancy & Women’s Health & Well-being, using an unique blend of modalities. 

Having always had an interest in the alternative lifestyle, and finding myself in a situation of being a single mother of 3, I embarked on retraining to start my own business in something I am passionate about. I used homeopathy all the way through my pregnancies and wanted to build on that to offer a service for mums to be.

Massage & Reflexology were not so readily available when I was carrying my babies. My youngest is now  20 years old, eldest is 29, to give you and idea of the time scale. Options like water birth’s and positive birthing was all very new and quite “out there”. I was way ahead of the times! Look where we are with it now!

The more studying I have completed, the more I am amazed at how wonderful our bodies are, but also so much more aware on how our lifestyle choices and the environment are effecting our health and our abilities to achieve a healthy positive pregnancy. I believe many factors contribute to getting pregnant. Some couples are fortunate to conceive immediately, some couples not so lucky. This is where I can help you with the bespoke services I offer.

I have undertaken extensive training in Pregnancy and Post Natal Massages, with various course providers, including Maternity Reflexology training with Louise Keats and Teresa Heath.  Reproflexology™  training with Barbara Scott, acknowledged as one of the UK’s leading experts in working with couples undergoing assisted and natural fertility treatment, as well as taken additional Reproductive Reflexology.  A qualification in Fertility Massage with Clare Spink (Blake), a lovely blend of modalities, including energy work to connect you to your womb space.

As I travel through my own journey of womanhood, I have learnt to utilise the skills I have to help my own health and well-being. I am now embracing peri-menopause, and have now included this under my women’s health umbrella. Many of the therapies I offer address many of the symptoms that can be presented through peri-menopasue and menopause, including , hot sweats, heavy and irregular bleeds, and anxiety. To support these therapies I am continuing to include additional specialised studying in this subject to offer you the best advice and support.

Using a nourishing blend of combined modalities for your bespoke package, including massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, guided meditation,  energy, and nutritional/supplement advice, I address any presenting issues, help to restore balance and harmony holistically, which in turns reconnects awakens and reconnects you to your body. I also make and blend bespoke products for my clients to honour woman’s cyclic nature, containing organic natural ingredients and premium essential oils.

Aftercare is very important to me, many of the therapies I offer include a full aftercare package which is accessible online to help support your own going journey with me with regular sessions. All new clients also receive a well-being goody bag.  

Most recently, I felt the call to expand my spiritual work to include strengthening and celebrating the Divine Feminine energy, which exists in all women, and have set up Sacred Female Wisdom, a space for women to gather in circle, attend workshops and retreats, which compliments beautifully the services I offer here at Zenses too.  

Additional qualifications include, Aromatherapy, Diet and Nutritional, Massage, Reflexology, Reiki Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, Spiritual Life Coach, Meditation & mindfulness diploma, Moon Mother Training and Wicca.






Alison Russell, Portsmouth

The Zen Garden is absolutely beautiful and incredibly calming from the moment you walk in. My treatments were wonderful throughout my pregnancy, especially as it was summer and my feet were swollen. It also served as a time out from everything to fully relax.I think I fell asleep a few times! Definitely Highly professional but friendly and supportive experience. I will be booking in some post natal treatments and definitely recommending Zenses.

Bianca Vermeulen-Smith, Northend

It was one of the most relaxing days of my entire pregnancy!

Komal Helyer, Horndean

The smells in the room are divine, the room is cosy and clean and built for comfort and relaxation. Treatments with Zenses are amazing. Extremely relaxing and get to the problem areas. The oils used are great. I love the opportunity to make time to spend at the Zenses cabin. It’s definitely makes you feel great!

Rosemary Dubois, Bedhampton

The Zen Garden treatment room was warm and inviting , nicely decorated. I felt very relaxed after my treatment (Full Body Massage & Facial Reflexology). Tania is always attentive, intuitive and takes pride in her work.

Review from customer at The Natural Therapy Centre, Cosham

Thank you Tania for helping me feel better, it’s so clear that you are passionate about what you do and your caring and professional nature made me feel really at ease. I hope to see you again soon


Fantastic service and treatment. Have booked another appointment. 

Leanne Simpson, Portsmouth

I’ve been seeing Tania since I was 25 weeks pregnant and I’m now ready to drop! Her treatments are amazing and have made me feel so relaxed! I’ve been loving “me time”. The new Zen Heaven package is an absolute must!!!!!

Kerry McManus, North End

I am a Nurse so struggle with stress at work causing tension in my neck and regular headaches. Having regular massages with Tania focusing on these areas have made my headaches easier to cope with. After my treatment I felt very relaxed both emotionally and physically. My mood was uplifted and I slept well after the treatment. My headaches and stress levels are reduced with regular treatments.
I feel comfortable talking to Tania about everyday life stresses and strains so my massage is centered and adapted especially for me. Nothing is too much trouble for Tania, offering advice for relaxing at home and in the comfort of her therapy room with an electric blanket for colder days. The choice of music helps your mind relax and slip away from normal life.
I have already recommended Tania, as I have never felt so comfortable having a massage as when I come to her. She is very well priced and I’m centre of the treatment and not just another customer. I like that Tania remembers previous conversations so she gives the personal touch to her service.
I have previously had a full body massage and chocolate indulgent pedicure which I can thoroughly recommend. Tania used chocolate massage oil during the massage so the smell of chocolate filled the room, finished off the luxury pedicure with hot chocolate and brownie on the side, made me feel very relaxed and uplifted by the endorphin’s released. Thank you Tania.

Estera Ridgeway, Havant

Tania is very confident, approachable therapist with passion and enthusiasm for the treatment and the clients. During my reflexology treatment I felt very relaxed, and would definitely have treatment by Tania in the future.

Francesca Romana Errico-Harvey

I absolutely recommend a massage with Tania at the Zen Garden. The place is nice and relaxing from the minute you walk in and you don’t quite ‘walk’ out but ‘float’ out! She is lovely and very highly skilled and professional. I had several pregnancy massages and I’m now booked in for postnatal (well needed!!) session!! I can’t wait xx

Donna Quirk Mazzotta

Had my first reflexology session with Tania this morning. I was asleep within 5 minutes but still conscious of her touch. Pressure was light but specific and Tania was able to point out her ‘findings’ which were accurate. A really relaxing treatment from a very experienced and professional therapist. I would highly recommend.

Beky Mepham

Fantastic body massage and reflexology during my pregnancy. Pillows in all the right places to support bump, hips and back, and really soothing on some of the aches and pains.

Terri Pratt

Just had my first pregnancy massage and reflexology treatment, it was absolutely amazing! As soon as Tania started the reflexology I was so relaxed and snoring  a treatment is a must for any mums to be and I will be going back once baby has arrived. Thank you for a wonderful experience and beautiful surroundings.

Sam Briggs

Thank you for fitting me in before your holiday, I feel fabulously refreshed and relaxed which I didn’t think was possible at 38 weeks! Highly recommend, and incredibly grateful to my parents for this wonderful birthday treat

A Yummy Mummy

Felt so very tense going in, left feeling wonderful and soothed. The Zen garden offers calm and sanctuary to those who go there. Have already booked up for next month, true healing hands are hard to find.

Phillipa Wilmot

Tania is amazing. I had a wonderful relaxing treatment with her yesterday. Last night I slept so well, and today woke without my usual feeling of not enough sleep. I highly recommend regular treatment with Tania and have already booked in again.





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