baby shower- gift vouchersGift Vouchers are a present perfect choice to enjoy one of the many treatments available.

Baby showers are becoming increasing popular and traditionally is gathering of the new parent’s close friends and family to celebrate the impending arrival of baby. By hosting a baby shower this can really help you feel less overwhelmed by equipping you with a lot of what you’ll need when the baby arrives and help to cover towards the huge expense of a new born.

Good company, a support network of friends, plenty of advice and giggles amongst tea and cake create the perfect baby shower. You could use baby-orientated decorations, and, if you know what sex your baby is, you might want a pink or blue theme. If you want to liven up the shower with some fun games, you could get the guests playing a guessing game.

A gift list for your guests is a great idea because you really do know what you’d like for your baby and it makes it much easier to know the gifts received won’t be wasted.

Amongst all the baby gifts, mum to be shouldn’t be forgotten. Pregnancy is a time of great hormonal changes and this often stirs up emotions such as fear, apprehension and anxiety, so ultimately you need to be relaxed as much as possible, especially close to birth.  Suggest to your guests, that Gift Vouchers can be purchased. These are a perfect choice for the you the new mum, to either use during your pregnancy, or for a postnatal treatment.