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A normal healthy cycle should consist of red blood with little clots. Brown blood is referred to as “old blood” because it lacks oxygenation. It can be normal to start and end your menstrual flow with a little brown blood, though it is a sign of stagnation to see brown blood throughout your flow.

Brown blood at beginning is last months old lining. Brown blood at the end is months and months old lining


Clotted Flow

Lots of blood clots in one’s menstrual flow can mean that there is blood stagnation. To rectify this, make changes in your diet or take supplements that will naturally help thin the blood. Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon or fish oils are good for blood thinning. Our cycle is also sensitive to stress and we can often become out of balance emotionally. Look at ways in which to reduce stress and what you can do to get the energy, qi, life force going again.


Light Flow

A light blood flow could be due to lack of sleep, more nutrition, excessive stress or other physical things going on in your life. Change this be addressing you lifestyle choices and eating a well balanced healthy diet. Blood building foods such as iron rich vegetables, like leafy greens, and protein rich foods such as organic meat


Heavy Flow

A heavy blood flow can indicate there is too much heat (excessive Qi) in the body. It can also be caused by fibroids or polyps. A heavy blood flow could also be caused by deep seated emotional issues, abuse, physically or mentally


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