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Tania is absolutely magical! I was struggling to speak, after the treatment, as I was so blissed out. She soothed the aches in my lower back and hips and held space for me to completely relax. As always, will recommend to friends, clients and anyone who will listen.

Ali Russell-Webb, Doula, Southsea


Incredible! Having arrived feeling very anxious about my upcoming induction Tania instantly put me at ease. I was the most comfy in her relaxation room than I have been the whole pregnancy. The massage itself was absolute bliss, and really calmed me. Tania is also very helpful when it was time to turn over/sit up (as at 38 weeks pregnant this is not easy). Massage finished with some amazing reflexology. You can tell she is extremely knowledgeable about what she is doing and 100% has your wellbeing as top priority. I also used Tania for my first pregnancy and am looking forward to another Zen Mama massage next week before babes arrives. Thank you Tania X

Ruth Reid, Fareham


The treatment was very rewarding as I felt immensely relaxed afterwards and my baby also seemed to enjoy as he was kicking throughout the treatment. The minute you walk into the garden I begin to feel relaxed, the room itself is cool and the music playing is beautiful which sets the scene perfectly. Tania makes you feel comfortable and at ease. She has a lovely way and is easy to chat to. I would definitely recommend reflexology to pregnant mamas, it is well worth it.

Kate Archer, Portsmouth


I am really grateful for the services Tania provided, the pregnancy massage and reflexology helped sooth my aches, pains and digestive problems. I had 2 reflexology treatments which helped prepare me for the birth, I used hypno-birthing, the reflexology really helped compliment the hypno-birthing for a smooth, natural birth with just gas and air. I really enjoyed the treatments as they were so relaxing and could feel the baby responding as Tania worked her magic on my feet. I will be back for some post natal treatments, many thanks Tania.

Lucy Lawrence, Emsworth


Felt so very tense going in, left feeling wonderful and soothed. The Zen garden offers calm and sanctuary to those who go there. Have already booked up for next month, true healing hands are hard to find.



Very relaxing start to my maternity leave! Lovely customer service and have booked in for Induction reflexology to help speed things along!

Emily Whymark, Havant


This was my second zen mama package. Tania is professional, welcoming puts you completely at ease straight away. The treatment room is relaxing and I love her garden. The massage and reflexology is blissfull. Highly recommend this treatment I leave feeling totally relaxed.

Katie Monk, Clanfield


My treatment, maternity reflexology was amazingly relaxing. I cannot recommend Tania enough, the whole experience was totally enjoyable and relaxing. Calm and welcoming environment, a real Zen Garden, I didn’t expect that so it was a surprise for me. The music was also very relaxing and my little baby was moving all around in my tummy during the whole session, I felt both of us enjoyed it and we were totally relaxed. This was my first treatment and later that night I did not suffer from hip pain at all. I’m sure Tania helped me, I will definitely continue the treatments. Thanks a lot.

A Yummy Mummy


Tania was recommended by another pregnant lady I had met through a Daisy Birthing class. On arrival it would seem you have turned up at the wrong place but clear instructions from Tania explains the route into the Zen Garden. A lovely haven of tranquility as soon as you open the garden gate. The treatment room was calming and clean and all ready for my appointment. The actual massage was divine exactly what a pregnant lady (34 weeks) needs to unwind, relax and to feel a sense of relief in my muscles particularly in my back. I am definitely going back for more!

Jodie Watt, Denmead


I started getting regular massages from Tania when I was about 6 months pregnant, my baby is now nearly 8 months and I still get a treatment from Tania once a month, in my opinion she gives the best massages in the surrounding area, and I’ve tried quite a few places.
I recently also got the facial massage, which is the most calming experience. Tanias knowledge of healing and pressure point relief is outstanding. I feel that I am really able to stop my brain from churning while I’m there, and find peace and quiet, which is incredibly valuable when you have an 8 month old!
I also consider the treatments to be good value compared to beauty salons, and the loyalty card for a half price treatment once you’ve received 6 treatments is an added bonus. I would recommend Tania to anyone.

Nikki Nutman, Waterlooville


I had the Zen Mama package. For the run up to my delivery date I always looked forward to the treatment and came away feeling relaxed and revitalised. I always then felt much better for the week after. As I got bigger lots of effort was made to ensure I was comfy and I couldn’t recommend more to pregnant ladies out there in need of some pre-baby relaxation. Great for sore backs and feet from carrying little bundles!

A Yummy Mummy


I had pregnancy massage and reflexology treatments. The whole experience was amazing. I didn’t have the easiest of pregnancies and the treatment i received definitely helped. The whole ambience is uber relaxing. So much so I went for a postnatal treatment and sent my darling daughter (who wasn’t sleeping very well at this time) straight to sleep. If I had to sum it up, One word…AMAZING.I would definitely recommend to my friends. I cant put into words how incredible you are as a therapist, confident and overall person. You made me feel very relaxed and that i coukd talk to you and open up. Wish i could come more often xx

Francesca duke, Fareham


The treatment room is beautiful, calming and relaxing. My treatments were heavenly. I had the Zen Mama. With a bad back and pregnant with an I.V.F. baby there was no way I was going to take any medication for my bad back, that could harm my baby. I then found Tania. With regular treatments my pregnancy went completely smooth and I found myself so relaxed afterwards. I recommend any pregnant lady to have this package. It was the one thing I looked forward too for me, and with Tania’s professional but friendly approach you cannot go wrong! As soon as I entered the therapy room I instantly felt relaxed. I need to rebook!! Xxx
Victoria Warrington, Havant


The treatment room is lovely, warm & cosy. Makes you feel comfortable & relaxed, it’s also light & airy, you don’t feel cramped in. Always smells lovely. Light, refreshing & always makes me feels right at home! The zen mama package is perfect when pregnant. I’ve just had my 3rd one & I’m 8 months pregnant. Relaxes my muscles in my back & any aches or pains. Getting comfortable lying down is difficult at the size I am but I always am & find myself sometimes falling asleep! The reflexology helps the aches in my feet & makes them feel better. I am hoping it will help speed up my labour!! I would definitely recommend this treatment.

Kelly Rawlinson, Waterlooville


I came away from the treatment (Zen Mama), feeling very relaxed and stress free. This was due to the professional standard that you provided. You made me feel welcome and overall very relaxed. I thought you had a lovely calm way about you which made me feel at ease straight away and made me feel totally comfortable, I will definitely be returning.

Gemma Mallard, Havant


Lovely warm relaxing therapy room, lighting just right not too bright, smelt lovely, music was chilled when massage was being done. I went to Tania through recommendation from someone else. Tania is always most welcoming and helps you feel relaxed from start to finish. I have past Tania’s name on to others. Never had a massage before but was very comfortable with Tania’s service.
Would always have a chat whilst being massaged because otherwise I think I could have happily gone to sleep. Price is fair and a loyalty card is nice for the customer Thank you for the service you provided.



An incredible environment. From the moment you enter the cabin you are immediately calmed, relaxed and distanced from everything outside. Being so close to nature in the cabin style room, makes you feel very earthy and spiritual – from the patter of rain to the tweet of birds in spring. The decor is beautiful and feels very exotic. Every element the treatment room from the scent of calming oils and dimmed yet natural lighting really sets you up for a great experience. My treatments were incredible. I used Zenses for massages and reflexology throughout of pregnancies and have found it helped relieve all tensions in my back, hips and legs as I progress through to full term. Couldn’t recommend more highly!

Natalie Evans, Fareham


The Zen Garden room is a lovely relaxing space, a hidden oasis that I hadn’t expected to find. I found My treatments (reflexology), relaxing and insightful. Calm and welcoming environment with plenty of information about what I could expect and what I could do myself to help improve my general health and wellbeing, definitely recommend to a friend.

Sian Richards, Havant


I found the treatment room very relaxing and welcoming. It was warm and like a home from home surroundings. I found having reflexology very relaxing and helpful throughout my pregnancy. Worth every penny and gives you great peace of mind throughout pregnancy. My little girl (7months), is a very relaxed baby and I feel having a relaxing pregnancy helped.

Stacey Triggs, Drayton


The Zen Garden room had total calmness, it just hits you when you walk in, I started to relax as soon as I walked in. I had Reflexology and reiki with Tania to help with relaxation and reduce stress.  it really did make me feel so good inside, I felt relaxed, I had a clearer mind too. A total holistic experience

Alison Cloutman, Lee On The Solent


I heard about Tania through my midwife. The treatment room was beautiful, very tranquil. I would highly recommend pregnancy massage. My sessions were lovely and Tania is a  lovely person,  thank you

Stephanie Williamson,  Portsmouth


Tucked away unexpectedly, the treatment room is calming and private and very comfortable. It is beautiful. My maternity reflexology treatment was amazing – it was absolutely wonderful right at the end of my pregnancy (I had four treatments booked in the last four weeks) and I actually ended up having a show a few hours after my third treatment. My little girl was born in just under 4 hours a few days later! So glad I booked it!!!

Faye Williams, Denmead


I found the Zen Garden room calming, peaceful, warm and tranquil. A professional area with soft lighting and relaxing aromas. I found my treatment (reflexology and reiki) to be professional, yet down to earth, relevant to own condition alongside being a real treat, time was taken to discuss findings and areas affected I found the whole experience very relaxing and helped with my own  healing.



I have been having pregnancy reflexology for several weeks and have always left feeling very relaxed. Having my treatment definitely prepared me for labour. My treatment each week was a little time for me, away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I feel it definitely contributed to my short labour of 2hrs 40mins.

Nikki Willis, Waterlooville


The Zen Garden is absolutely beautiful and incredibly calming from the moment you walk in. My treatments were wonderful throughout my pregnancy, especially as it was summer and my feet were swollen. It also served as a time out from everything to fully relax.I think I fell asleep a few times! Definitely Highly professional but friendly and supportive experience. I will be booking in some post natal treatments and definitely recommending Zenses.

Alison Russell, Portsmouth


It was one of the most relaxing days of my entire pregnancy!

Bianca Vermeulen-Smith, Northend


The smells in the room are divine, the room is cosy and clean and built for comfort and relaxation. Treatments with Zenses are amazing. Extremely relaxing and get to the problem areas. The oils used are great. I love the opportunity to make time to spend at the Zenses cabin. It’s definitely makes you feel great!

Komal Helyer, Horndean


The Zen Garden treatment room was warm and inviting , nicely decorated. I felt very relaxed after my treatment (Full Body Massage & Facial Reflexology). Tania is always attentive, intuitive and takes pride in her work.

Rosemary Dubois, Bedhampton


I saw Tania for reflexology to bring on labour when I was 1 week overdue with baby no 2. Tania just put me at ease and I had a very relaxing treatment (nice atmosphere and a lovely “foot massage”). Plus it all worked! My baby was born 18 hours later and labour was very quick!

I also saw Tania twice for postnatal reflexology to help with getting hormones and various things back on track. Again the treatments were very relaxing and I felt in very good hands. Highly recommended!!!

Linda Smith, Portsmouth


I have had 3 reflexology treatments and a massage now from Zenses over the last few weeks and all have been very relaxing and Tania is a very talented lovely lady. Cannot wait for my treatment next week thank you x x

Stephanie Williamson


Had a lovely reflexology appointment on Thursday at 39 weeks pregnant, turns out I was in early stages of labour. Having mild cramps before I got to Zenses and during treatment.
Left at 2:30pm and had my baby boy in my arms by 6:40pm!! Labour had clearly started for me, but a wonderful relaxing treatment that put me in a very positive and relaxed mind set, with what went on to be a quick labour of 2hr 12mins!! Def think the relaxed state helped! Thank you!

Georgina Kennedy


I had a lovely pregnancy reflexology treatment in the hope that it would help kick start my labour at 10 days over due and it done just that, I started getting pains that evening and went into full labour the next day. Love the log cabin room very relaxing. Would recommend to anyone.

Kimberley Williams


Loved it. Bit more pressure but I could have stayed there for hrs 🙂

Danni Moyles


Had the zen mama package. Loved it thank you felt so relaxed when I left

Jo Standen


Had two lovely massages so far at The Zen Garden, both times felt welcoming, calming & above all just what I needed, the setting around you gives you a feel that your mind can wander away a midst your massage into a place of calm & total relaxation. Lovely experience. 

Stacey Clifford


Just been and had a zen mama massage and it was amazing feel so relaxed and baby defo loved it as won’t stop wriggling, will defiantly recommend, looking forward to my next appointment

Amy Mitchell, Havant


Thank you Tania for helping me feel better, it’s so clear that you are passionate about what you do and your caring and professional nature made me feel really at ease. I hope to see you again soon

Review from customer at The Natural Therapy Centre, Cosham


Fantastic service and treatment. Have booked another appointment. 

Review  from customer at The Natural Therapy Centre, Cosham


Very pleasant inside and felt at ease. Therapist also passed on other useful information suitable for my needs.

Review  from customer at The Natural Therapy Centre, Cosham


Best treatment I have had in years!

Review  from customer at The Natural Therapy Centre, Cosham


I’ve been seeing Tania since I was 25 weeks pregnant and I’m now ready to drop! Her treatments are amazing and have made me feel so relaxed! I’ve been loving “me time”. The new Zen Heaven package is an absolute must!!!!!

Leanne Simpson, Portsmouth


I highly recommend reiki …… Just had an hour of reiki …. Thank you Tania I feel grounded, positive and my mind is at ease…..bliss x

Cathy Cook, Portsmouth


I found Tania on the Baby Hampshire website and booked in for a Zen Mama, I had been suffering with a kidney urine infection. I also wanted to help reduce pain in my lower back and coccyx area. Tania is very friendly and made me feel thoroughly relaxed during my treatments, and found them very soothing as well as they helped reduce the pain. I would highly recommend Tania.

Lucy Shah, Warsash


I cannot recommend Tania enough, had a wonderful massage and reflexology at really short notice last week when I was feeling really tired and down in the dumps. She was welcoming, made me feel really relaxed and most importantly at 37+1 I have slept brilliantly every night since my treatment! Reasonably priced too!

Lou Earp, Hayling Island


I have suffered from a bad neck on and off for a long time. A regular back and neck massage with zenses made a huge difference in reducing my pain and discomfort, would definitely recommend.

Rachel Gosling, Porchester


Feeling fully relaxed after my amazing massage and reflexology, was lovely!! Thank you!!

Aideen Smith, Bedhampton


I had a Zen Mama massage on Friday. It was truly amazing. Thank you so much x

Gemma Lindsay, Cosham


Had an amazing pregnancy massage, left feeling completely relaxed! Thank you x

Katie Jenkins


Just had my second mama package. Utter bliss! Thank you x

Kirstie Clout, Southsea


I had a Zen Mama massage yesterday which was fabulous! Highly recommended and Tania is a lovely lady too! Xx

Stephanie Turner


I had a Zen Mama post-birth full body massage today and it was wonderful. I’ve booked up again for next week! Thank you x

Louise Davies


Thank you Tania for coming to my house and putting me in heaven for 1 and a half hours at 39 weeks pregnant. Massage and reflexology were fantastic. Got me nice and relaxed hopefully ready for home birth

Tina, Knowle Village


I started coming to Tania because of back pain and continued with treatment for relaxation throughout my pregnancy. I always feel relaxed after my treatment. Tania is very professional and knowledgeable about pregnancy and the treatments she offers, she satisfies any doubts I may have at the time.

Montse, Southsea


Amazing, relaxing and absolute heaven xxx

Cara Oberholster


I am a Nurse so struggle with stress at work causing tension in my neck and regular headaches. Having regular massages with Tania focusing on these areas have made my headaches easier to cope with. After my treatment I felt very relaxed both emotionally and physically. My mood was uplifted and I slept well after the treatment. My headaches and stress levels are reduced with regular treatments.
I feel comfortable talking to Tania about everyday life stresses and strains so my massage is centered and adapted especially for me. Nothing is too much trouble for Tania, offering advice for relaxing at home and in the comfort of her therapy room with an electric blanket for colder days. The choice of music helps your mind relax and slip away from normal life.
I have already recommended Tania, as I have never felt so comfortable having a massage as when I come to her. She is very well priced and I’m centre of the treatment and not just another customer. I like that Tania remembers previous conversations so she gives the personal touch to her service.
I have previously had a full body massage and chocolate indulgent pedicure which I can thoroughly recommend. Tania used chocolate massage oil during the massage so the smell of chocolate filled the room, finished off the luxury pedicure with hot chocolate and brownie on the side, made me feel very relaxed and uplifted by the endorphin’s released. Thank you Tania.

Kerry McManus, North End


Initially I was unsure about the treatments as this is my first pregnancy and I was unsure of benefits/ how it would differ to normal treatments I have had in the past but no other concerns. I had heard reflexology can possible reduce labour time and also for relaxation and, as the pregnancy progressed to ease any aches or pains I may develop. I thoroughly enjoyed all treatments and they certainly helped my back pains (the massage). I felt very relaxed and calm. The whole experience is very enjoyable – Tanya makes every effort she can to make sure I am comfortable – even by putting an electric blanket on her treatment bed when it was very cold so that it was as warm and relaxing as possible. She remembers little details about her clients that make you feel cared about and she is very easy to talk to. She gives excellent advice to support aches and pains during pregnancy without being pushy. It is clear she is very passionate about her job and her clients and this personal touch is why I wouldn’t ever hesitate to recommend her.The benefits about receiving a massage from Tania, Specialist for pregnancy, Personal touch with positions/ laying down/sitting depending on ease and comfort levels for client, Atmosphere – colour scheme, comfort of treatment table etc.
Thank you for everything so far and I look forward to my next appointment!

V. Hill, Southsea


I had Pregnancy Massage to help get rid of shoulder pain and to relax during my pregnancy. The treatment was very relaxing and helped. Tania I would recommend to other’s, she is lovely, warm welcoming and very friendly.

C Hayes, Southbourne


I started using Zenses Holistic Therapies in January, after being let down by another therapist. I was pregnant when Tania first started treating me with Reflexology. I was aware of the benefits that Reflexology can give when you are pregnant. It can help reduce labour times as well as induce it, as well as relax you too.I have continued to receive treatments after the birth of my daughter in April 2012, as a weekly treat for myself after looking after a very busy family, as well as for post natal recovery, helping with hormonal imbalances.I can highly recommend Tania as she makes you feel at ease as she treats you

Debbie Stroud, Southsea


Firstly… Thank you! My first Reiki treatment!
I was a little sceptical before this treatment, but I can honestly say I will be booking more! A Heart Attack a few weeks ago left me full of frustration, worry and depression… You made me feel totally at peace and beyond relaxed! Just for a little while, felt that there were no worries, and a have regained a positiveness that was missing! Thank you again Tania!

Glenn, Havant


A few years ago I damaged a cervical and lumbar vertebrae falling off a building. I’ve always had a relentless dull ache in both neck or back, and a lot of deferred pain in other areas, pain that I resigned myself to having to simply put up with.
I had a neck and back massage from Tania, and all I can say is Wow! I never imagined I would feel an immediate effect! My fiancée and I have been planning our wedding so as well as the back / neck pain I’ve been extremely stressed!
After my massage, I not only felt extremely calm, relaxed and refreshed, but that relentless ache was no more! I understand that this won’t last indefinitely, but I will be returning to see Tania on a regular basis!
There are a lot of people, who claim to be able to give a professional and effective massage, but this lady is the real deal! I would highly recommend her. I’ve become a firm believer in Holistic therapies.
Thank you Tania”

Glenn Alexander, Havant


I receive thorough, attentive, lovely Reflexology treatments from Tania. She is supportive, encouraging and allows me my own space to take in the results of the treatments. She is a good listener and communicator, which, in my view, enhances the experience even more. I am grateful to receive her special touch and recommend her fully

Noelia Romani, Hayling Island (fellow reflexologist)


Thanks for the excellent full body massage, afterwards I felt so relaxed. The Reiki that was also offered has brought my poor and weary body to life. Once again thanks,Regards
I Have received several reflexology treatments from Tania and found them to be extremely relaxing and therapeutic. I would highly recommend Tania as a holistic therapist due to her confident, capable and sensitive nature.

Pauline Fletcher, Hayling Island (fellow reflexologist)


Tania is very confident, approachable therapist with passion and enthusiasm for the treatment and the clients. During my reflexology treatment I felt very relaxed, and would definitely have treatment by Tania in the future.

Estera Ridgeway, Havant