Natural Labour “Induction”

labour induction reflexologyHaving Maternity reflexology in the final stages of your pregnancy helps your body enter a deep state of relaxation and this can sometimes result in the spontaneous onset of labour, preventing the need for medical intervention. Reflexology treatments will also leave your body balanced and rested and in optimal condition to give birth. 

By using certain techniques, reflexology can relax the mother-to-be and enabling her to be in the best frame of mind, allows baby to feel safe, nurtured and ready to make his or her entrance to the world. Very often labour does commence when the mother is in this balanced state, but it is baby who will arrive when they are ready. 

*Labour induction is only offered when you reach full term


Reflexology during labour

Reflexology is of great help when regulating contractions during birth. Stimulating the pituitary gland reflex together with the uterus reflex in order to provoke the secretion of natural Oxytocine and stimulating the uterus reflex to provoke a positive feedback of this hormone. The consequence is that Oxytocine is secreted quickly but it comes gradually, contractions are much more bearable and controllable and they let the mother adapt to them at her own rhythm, therefore allowing a better administration of her own energies. The result in most of the cases is a faster dilation, helping to a completely natural birth, shortening the period of labor and therefore saving many hours of useless pain.

Birth attendance can also be arranged, providing reflexology throughout labour and this can be discussed during your consultation.



Click here to read a great article published by the NHS on How a foot massage can help pregnant women deliver

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Linda Smith, Portsmouth

I saw Tania for reflexology to bring on labour when I was 1 week overdue with baby no 2. Tania just put me at ease and I had a very relaxing treatment (nice atmosphere and a lovely “foot massage”). Plus it all worked! My baby was born 18 hours later and labour was very quick!

I also saw Tania twice for postnatal reflexology to help with getting hormones and various things back on track. Again the treatments were very relaxing and I felt in very good hands. Highly recommended!!!

Georgina Kennedy

Had a lovely reflexology appointment on Thursday at 39 weeks pregnant, turns out I was in early stages of labour. Having mild cramps before I got to Zenses and during treatment.
Left at 2:30pm and had my baby boy in my arms by 6:40pm!! Labour had clearly started for me, but a wonderful relaxing treatment that put me in a very positive and relaxed mind set, with what went on to be a quick labour of 2hr 12mins!! Def think the relaxed state helped! Thank you!

Kimberley Williams

I had a lovely pregnancy reflexology treatment in the hope that it would help kick start my labour at 10 days over due and it done just that, I started getting pains that evening and went into full labour the next day. Love the log cabin room very relaxing. Would recommend to anyone.

Emma Wymark, Havant

Very relaxing start to my maternity leave! Lovely customer service and have booked in for Induction reflexology to help speed things along! – Baby arrived a few days later, and Emma had a very quick labour!

Katie Monk, Clanfield

Your induction worked!!!! Charlotte arrived at 4:21 this morning weighing 8lbs 7 ounces!!!!

Ruth Reid, Fareham

Tania I’m so excited i had to message you. Had my sweep and I’m 1cm dilated. Midwife couldn’t believe it. All down to you I reckon. Thank you! X x