postnatal reflexology

Postnatal Reflexology

A postnatal reflexology treatment can help to balance hormones, encouraging the menstrual cycle to return to normal. Help prevent postnatal depression and anxiety. Boost energy levels, which may be lower due to the exertions of labour, looking after a new baby, and disrupted sleep patterns. Help with breast milk production, during a treatment, mother and baby tends to be calmer and more relaxed which can enhance bonding and successful breastfeeding, facilitating a more rapid ‘let down’ for milk flow, improving feelings of general well-being.

Research has shown that reflexology is excellent for maintaining or increasing milk supply enhancing bonding and breastfeeding as well as helping to reduce the effects of post-natal depression. 

So much of the build up when you’re preparing to have your baby is focused on the birth itself, but it’s vitally important and certainly very beneficial to look after yourself once they have arrived.

You may wish to cuddle your baby during your treatment as it helps both mother and baby to remain close, enhancing relaxation.


60 minutes

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Stephanie Williamson

I have had 3 reflexology treatments and a massage now from Zenses over the last few weeks and all have been very relaxing and Tania is a very talented lovely lady. Cannot wait for my treatment next week thank you x x

Stacey Clifford

Had two lovely massages so far at The Zen Garden, both times felt welcoming, calming & above all just what I needed, the setting around you gives you a feel that your mind can wander away a midst your massage into a place of calm & total relaxation. Lovely experience.

Louise Davies

I had a Zen Mama post-birth full body massage today and it was wonderful. I’ve booked up again for next week! Thank you x

Debbie Stroud, Southsea

I started using Zenses Holistic Therapies in January, after being let down by another therapist. I was pregnant when Tania first started treating me with Reflexology. I was aware of the benefits that Reflexology can give when you are pregnant. It can help reduce labour times as well as induce it, as well as relax you too.I have continued to receive treatments after the birth of my daughter in April 2012, as a weekly treat for myself after looking after a very busy family, as well as for post natal recovery, helping with hormonal imbalances.I can highly recommend Tania as she makes you feel at ease as she treats you

Gemma Henson, Havant

The Zen Garden room was very lovely, relaxing. I had a postnatal Zen Mama, which was very relaxing, I enjoyed the pressure and variety.

Nikki Nutman, Waterlooville

I started getting regular massages from Tania when I was about 6 months pregnant, my baby is now nearly 8 months and I still get a treatment from Tania once a month, in my opinion she gives the best massages in the surrounding area, and I’ve tried quite a few places.
I recently also got the facial massage, which is the most calming experience. Tanias knowledge of healing and pressure point relief is outstanding. I feel that I am really able to stop my brain from churning while I’m there, and find peace and quiet, which is incredibly valuable when you have an 8 month old!
I also consider the treatments to be good value compared to beauty salons, and the loyalty card for a half price treatment once you’ve received 6 treatments is an added bonus. I would recommend Tania to anyone.