On your first visit we will review your completed consultation form. You will need to give details about your general lifestyle, including personal details, diet, sleeping patterns, medical history and stress levels. This will enable the most effective treatment plan to be determined.

In some instances, it may not be possible to continue with the session as there may be contra-indications to the treatment. For example, there could be a particular medical condition that may be aggravated by the treatment. In this case, it will become necessary to obtain approval in writing from your GP before treatment can commence.

Please read the contra indications.

Consultations are necessary because the therapist needs to know if you may have health conditions that may prevent you from having certain therapies. Some health conditions are contra-indicated to certain therapies, such as massage and reflexology

Consultations also help develop a rapport between the therapist and client, enabling them to feel relaxed and comfortable, aiding preparation to prior to a session.

Details will be recorded on a consultation form, your name, address, medical history and other factors such as stress levels, exercise and relaxation habits. All this information will enable the therapist to provide aftercare advice accordingly, thus encouraging you to benefit fully from your sessions.

Please note that all records are kept strictly confidential and locked in a safe place, under no circumstances will any personal information be disclosed to any other person, (unless in very rare circumstances that the therapist has reason to believe that you may harm yourself or others).

*Please note that male clients will only be offered therapies from personal recommendation from existing clients.


You will not be able to have a session if you:

• Have a fever
• Have a contagious disease
• Are under the influence of drugs or alcohol
• Under three months pregnant.

Written consent will be required from your doctor if you have any of the following health conditions:

• High or low blood pressure
• Heart problems
• Osteoporosis
• Arthritis
• Nervous or psychotic conditions
• Epilepsy
• Cancer
• Diabetes
• Had a recent operation
• Inflamed nerves
• Acute rheumatism
• There maybe other health conditions not listed here that are contraindicated to massage.

Please consult your GP to seek advice of a medical condition if you are uncertain before booking an appointment